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CurranTech™ Immunity Boosting Tablets

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Always on the cutting edge of high quality, Black Currant products, CurrantC™ is very proud to announce its newest member, CurranTech™ Immunity Boosting Tablets. We’ve combined the main anthocyanins found in Black Currants, with a premium, 100% guaranteed contaminant free Extract of Echinacea in a delicious Effervescent Tablet. Anthocyanins are some of the best polyphenolics in the plant kingdom and Echinacoside, a phenylpropanoid with a defined composition profile, is a possible stimulant of the immune system.

The anthocyanins and echinacoside work together to support the body’s natural defense system.

CurranTech is the only Black Currant / Echinacea supplement of its kind and only CurrantC™ makes it. Just  drop one tablet in a glass of water and watch the deep purple goodness explode!

CurranTech™ should be used for

  • Supporting the natural immune system defenses† during cold and flu season;
  • When traveling or congregating with large groups of people.
  • Protecting the body against oxidative stress.
  • For people with dynamic athletic lifestyle.
  • People exposed to physical or mental stress

Caution:    Not recommended for individuals with autoimmune conditions.

A 15 days wash out period is recommended after taking product for 45 consecutive days.

Do not take if Pregnant or breastfeeding without first consulting your physician.

As with any dietary supplement, people on medication or with known medical conditions should consult a physician before taking.

Dosage: As a dietary supplement for adults and children 6 years of age and over, drop one CurranTech™ tablet into 4-6 oz. of water, allow to dissolve completely and drink. Repeat every 4 hours as needed up to 3 doses per day. A 15 days wash out period is recommended after taking product for 45 consecutive days.

What’s in it?

Black Currant Anthocyanin Extract:

Anthocyanins are naturally occurring plant pigments responsible for the extremely dark purple color of Black Currants. Black Currant Anthocyanins are some of the darkest pigments found in the plant kingdom.

Echinacea Angostifolia Extract:

This herbaceous plant is native to North America and may support the immune system during cold and flu season a general stimulant for the overall immune system†. These activities are provided by a variety of chemical substances including polysaccharides and phenolic derivatives, such as echinacoside, a compound belonging to the family of the phenylpropanoids. The availability and standardization of these active substances from plant material is limited thus contributing to the non-definitive results so far obtained in clinical trials testing Echinacea immunoboosting efficacy (Barnes et al.,2005) on prevention and treatment of upper respiratory tract infections†.

The Echinacea Extract we use is standardized at 4%  ensuring a higher safety and reproducible biological effect free from any type of pollutant including pesticides, heavy metals and aflatoxins.

Echinacoside also significantly inhibits the production of the biological messenger nitric oxide (NO), thus limiting the inflammation processes.

[This statement has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.]



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Product Reviews

  1. Recommend for on the go instant drink 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Dec 2016

    I am a instant powdered drink connoisseur. I figured to give these tablets a try. By them selves in 12 oz of water or so are a refreshing fruit bitter with a carbonated twist. Almost like drinking filtered Currant juice in sparkling water or seltzer. Personally I find it to be a bit bitter as an all around drink but quenches thirst easily after a good work out or I can imagine, perfect for summer hydration. So far I have been adding this to my favorite powdered fruit drink and it has brought the taste and benefits to a new level, definitely will order these again. Nifty packing too.

  2. CurranTech Immunity Boosting Tablets 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th Dec 2014

    I take this when I feel a cold coming on. It seems to help.

  3. I'm still standing, while others have colds 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 31st Dec 2013

    I've been using the immunity boosting tablets and have so far escaped the holiday colds that others around me have been fighting the last 10 days. Very happy about this.