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Dried Black Currants - No Processed White Sugar

CurrantC™ is now proud to offer Genuine Dried Black Currants

with No Processed White Sugar or Oil!

Now, enjoy the delicious goodness of CurrantC™ Dried Black Currants without added processed white sugar and oil. Our dried Black Currants contain just whole, health packed Black Currants and grape juice, nothing else! No processed white sugar, no oils, no preservatives, nothing.

CurrantC™ dried Black Currants have been one of our most favorite products. These are not those raisiny imposters called currants but genuine Black Currants loaded with Black Currant health. And so many of our customers love them and order them regularly, many have pleaded with us to make them with no processed white sugar or oil.

Up till now, it’s been impossible to produce delicious Genuine Dried Black Currants without processed white sugar or artificial sweeteners (which we are loath to use) and not lose that uniquely wonderful Black Currant flavor. We’ve been trying for years. Finally…..SUCCESS!

Using our special proprietary method, our new Dried Black Currants contain only 100% Black Currants and pure grape juice. You won’t believe how delicious these health packed Black Currants are. They’re fabulous for baking scones and soda bread, in yogurt, with oatmeal, in your breakfast cereals, homemade all natural trail mixes, and pancakes and they elevate healthy fruit snacks to a whole new level.